One night, a while back, as I was getting ready to wind down for the night, I had this sudden rush of mild panic. My heart fluttered, and I took a quick breath in as the wiry electric sensations of anxiety spread from my hollow feeling chest to my limbs. A demanding voice in the back of my mind pushed forward and screamed at me.
“You need to write!”


Now, for most people, this is not the screaming you hear before bed, but for me as a minister/writer/blogger that voice pops up every once in a while. Blogging is a part of what I do. It is writing. It is inputting into people’s lives. I even have a few testimonials about how one of my blogs helped the reader in some way or another. To me, it is ministry.

But the other night, when the voice began to nag me, I wasn’t in the mood. I opened my laptop, paused for a moment, and slapped it shut.

“I don’t want to,” I said. So I went and got a glass of ice water, plopped down on the bed, and began reading. That’s when a thought came:

Why don’t I want to? I asked myself.

“Good question,” said I.

– Hector & the Search for Happiness

Have you ever felt exhausted? I don’t mean just exhausted after a long hike but tired in your soul – tired of climbing uphill, tired of swimming upstream?

Young Man lying on his back

If you’re like me, you have. You have set your mind to do things right, to not compromise your morals for success, and now, after years of trudging, you’ve found out why people give in. It is exhausting.

Lately, I’ve felt that way. But, like you, I refuse to quit. So let’s you and I take a moment and encourage ourselves. We are Bravehearts. We do not sell our souls to gain the world. We do not have a price.